Neco, Inc.was established in 1986 with the philosophy of using break through 3D computer technology to innovate and simplify the design processes of consumer products and automated machinery used in a wide range of industries. Recognizing its strengths over the years, as engineering services and technologies have evolved, Neco has nurtured a business strategy that has pointed its core services toward rapid prototyping, using the latest in 3D computer modeling techniques and tools (AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop, SolidWorks, Pro E, Genisys-X).

Today, 3DModeling, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning services comprise the bulk of Neco's ever expanding business practice. 3D Modeling is a core tool allowing designs to be developed with a higher degree of accuracy and speed, and allows information during the engineering design process to be imported and/or export to various other manufacturing and design processes. This main base tool gets our customers' product to the consumer market faster than with traditional design programs.

3D Printing offers a faster, smarter and more precise way for design teams to communicate ideas and designs. This technology allows us to actually build prototype models that the design team and customer can hold in their hand for evaluation and functional testing.

3D Scanning and Digitizing allows existing component information to be imported back into the computer as a 3D Model. Dimensional verification or modifications, along with functional evaluation and engineering analysis, can be made faster and more accurate with this tool. Traditionally, many hours are spent by designers dimensionally copying a components properties back into the computer so they can use the information in a design. Laser scanning or digitizing increases design accuracy and allows component or assembly evaluations to be made faster and with less time to the end result.

Neco has become a leader in the 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning arena. These services streamline the design process, delivering functional prototypes quickly, accurately, and priced to meet your budget!

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