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Customer: The Grand Entrance – Manufacturer Of Custom Doors and Accessories

Goals of Project: To reverse engineer the quad triangle part from a photograph the Grand Entrance’s customer took during a vacation

Project Time Period : 1 hr on Solidworks – 30 hrs on Router

Processes Used: 3D Modeling / 3D Routing

Software Used: Solidworks / Artcam

Material for process: Wood – Clear Alder

Process approach: In this case, the Grand Entrance gave NECO a picture depicting what the part was to look like. After establishing the dimensions that the customer thought they would be working with. NECO 3D Modeled the part and then produced a foam prototype to show the customer. After some changes were made to the dimensions of the model. The model was imported into Artcam allowing NECO to array many parts on one larger piece of Alder wood, then tool paths were developed for the 3D router. The Quad Triangle was then routered in clear Alder wood.

Alternate Process approach: This project could have been completely developed in Artcam by drawing the model using artcams extensive number of sketch tool. and then relieving and establishing tool paths in just one software.

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