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Customer: Clancy Systems International – Manufacturer and Supplier of Parking Ticket and Database accessories

Goals of Project: Rapid Design and Prototype

Project Time Period : 8 hrs of Industrial Design / 60 hr on Solidworks

Processes Used: 3D Modeling / 3D Scanning / 3D Printing

Software Used: Solidworks

Material for process: Clear Plastic

Process approach: Clancy Systems International approach NECO to design their new keyboard interface for the newly released Palm M500. We approached the project by first using our industrial design staff to sketch and render the look of the design and functionality using adobe illustrator / photoshop/hand sketches. At the same time the Palm M500 was 3D scanned into a model. Next our design team combined the industrial information and the 3D scan models in Solidworks to come up with a final design. Next the model was built using 3D Printing (SLA technology)

Alternate Process approach: This project could have been built using Powershape.


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