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Customer: Colorado Drawblade – Manufacturer Of Aspen Furniture

Goals of Project: To be able to develop actual mountain secenary for Colorado Drawblades furniture product line

Project Time Period : 1 hr on Copycad / 4 hrs on Router

Processes Used: 3D Scanning Conversion of Satelite Data/ 3D Routing

Material for process: Wood - Aspen

Software Used: CopyCad / Artcam

Process approach: In this case, Colorado Drawblade wanted to experiment with actual GPS Data to form mountain secenes in their furnature. NECO in turn gathered GPS data to xyz data then converted the data using Copycad. Then the model was imported into Artcam where tool paths were developed for the 3D router. The Topo scene was then route in Aspen as a prototype. This figurine was the combined with other figures in Artcam and then routed into both furniture and beds for Colorado Drawblades product line.

Alternate Process approach: N/A

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