Case Study: Vacuum Form....

Customer: Skydex – Manufacturer Of Footware and Product Cushioning Systems

Goals of Project: Rapid Prototype Vacuum Form

Project Time Period : 1 hr on Artcam /  8 hrs on Router

Processes Used: 3D Modeling / 3D Routing

Software Used: Solidworks / Artcam

Material for process: Wood – Maple

Process approach: Skydex developed the design using Solidworks, then gave NECO the models to produce vacuum forms in a 24 hour period. The model was imported into Artcam allowing NECO to array many vacuum parts on one larger piece of Maple wood, then tool paths were developed for the 3D router. The parts were then run with lights out and delivered to the customer within the 24 hr time goal. 

Alternate Process approach: This project could have been built using SLS (Laser Sintering Process)