Case Study: Custom Door Panel............

CrenshawCustomer: Crenshaw Manufacturer Of Custom Hand Carved Doors.

Goals of Project: Time saving technics

Project Time Period : 3 hr on Artcam /  8 hrs on Router

Processes Used: 3D Modeling / 3D Routing

Software Used: Artcam

Material for process: Wood – Aspen

Process approach: Crenshaw was interested in reducing the time to the customer for their hand carved doors. By using some automation and finishing with a hand carved procedure that gave the door a look of real hand carving. A drawing was scanned into the computer and then imported into Artcam, which then colors were associated with the different features. The model was developed and toolpaths generated. Then routed on a 3 axis router. The time savings for the customer was 75% of the time to hand carve the door from scratch. The parts were then run with lights out and delivered to the customer within the 24 hr time goal. 

Alternate Process approach: N/A