3 axis CNC router. Milling can be done from .stl file format as well as iges128.

create accurate 3-dimensional forms for use in museums, sculpture enlargement, architecture, special effects, product development, theme parks and displays.

Working from sketches, CAD databases, or data captured from existing forms via advanced digitizing techniques, our large 5-axis CNC machining center sculpts with amazing precision and speed,providing our clients with the most cost-effective method available for creating highly accurate 3-Dimensional objects and large sculptural forms.

It is an innovative approach to creating sculptural forms using digital data.

Advances in computer CAM (computer aided machining) software, 3-dimensional digitizing and high speed CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines have only recently made this process economically feasible. It truly is "cutting edge"

Typically, an existing form or a small-scale model of the form is scanned or digitized, using lasers, touch probes, or even medical CT scanners. This creates a digital, or computer model of the original shape.

That information can then be easily modified, scaled up or down, mirror imaged, or even reversed for a mold.
With the data in hand we then use specialized CAD/CAM software, a large 5 axis machining center and years of experience in making models from digital data, to quickly sculpt the shape in any of a wide variety of materials.

What size sculptures can be produced?
How big is your imagination?

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